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Take Zumba Fitness classes in the Burbank and Glendale, California area with Bodygroove Instructor Hollie Lee. Learn Salsa Dancing, Bachata or Cumbia with Bodygroove Instructors Orlando Delgado & Nicole Inman.

BIO: Hollie Lee, Salsa Dance Instructor and licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor.


Orlando Delgado - Instructor


"I've been taking dance classes for 15 years and I've never had an instructor show more competence as a dancer and teacher, be more accomodating to everyone's needs, and make their classes any more fun than Hollie has in this class."

- Jim Burch, Las Vegas

"An unusually effective, compassionate but serious instructor creates an atmosphere very conducive to working seriously to improve your own, and other students, dancing ability and enjoyment. The best dance classes we have had, and we've all distinctly improved our salsa."

- Barbro & Wendell Eastling, Las Vegas

"Class excellent! Clear instruction. Methodical. Excellent teacher - friendly, witty, knows her stuff."

- Celeste & Chito Genilo, Las Vegas

"I never knew how to dance before this class and thought I would not do well, but Hollie made it simple for even the true beginners."

- Jason Gonzales, Las Vegas

"I want you to know how much I LOVED the styling class! It was full of techniques that I can't wait to use to improve the overall look of my dancing. I love your elegant style, and I have wanted to put similar polish on my dancing for so long. This class fit the bill. It was sexy without being slutty, which is important for an old gal like me! As always, you break each move down and teach it with superb attention to detail, you keep your sense of humor, and you gently, yet confidently, correct us and encourage us to do our best, no matter what our ability is. I believe that building confidence in a student hinges on an instructor's ability to help their students to go beyond simply learning something. An instructor should help the student OWN the knowledge, and only then can the student work to MASTER the knowledge. Thank you for being one of those kinds of instructors."

- Amy Kamm, Burbank

"The (Ladies') Styling Class made a big difference in my dancing. The first time I used it on the dance floor I got a lot of "WOW" comments from my partners. Thanks Hollie!"

- Tina Wozny, Riverside

"Hollie Lee will quickly make you a salsa dancer with cool moves. Her teaching techniques and charismatic personality make every class an enjoyable experience. I have introduced many of my friends to her classes. We are all among her happy followers. Hollie’s salsa lessons will energize you, keep you in shape, and add a new dimension to your social life."

- Bill Chin, Los Angeles

"From the first moment I walked into Hollie's salsa class, I felt at ease. Hollie's warmth is infectious, creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere in which to learn how to dance. The classes are just the right size; small enough to get personalized instruction and large enough to meet other friendly dancers. I highly recommend Hollie's classes to everyone! "

- Gayle Haberman, Los Feliz

"I have been taking Hollie's classes for over two years. Hollie by far, is one of the best and most professional instructors in the LA area. Whether you are learning this charming dance for fun, hobby, or otherwise, Hollie's teaching will entrench you with solid orientation, details, techniques, and persistent practiced routines for you to feel welcomed to the world of salsa. These are just some of the factors that particularly make her an outstanding teacher Hollie is consistent, methodical, and knows how to transfer her knowledge willingly without holding back. She is impeccably organized, focused and always prepared, which translates and transfers directly into her way of teaching, always making sure that her students GET IT!"

- Scarlet Saroyan, Glendale

"A fabulous teacher - makes you want to do your very best. Friendly/very professional. This has been wonderful. I feel energized and it's a definite mood lifter after a tiring, stressful day of teaching. I feel more confident about dancing since I haven't participated in it in a long time. The participants are very friendly in a nice way. Everyone wants to DANCE!!"

- Julie Goudie, Burbank

"Ms. Lee's outstanding teaching abilities provided for a fun-filled and high-energy classroom environment where students of all ages thrived. Her commitment to the students was easily seen in the quality and substantial content matter in her classes."

- Ana M. Alvarez, Oceanside

"I really enjoy the salsa class that Hollie Lee teaches. I will like to continue with her in more salsa advanced classes. She's the best!"

- Bella Sarkassians, Glendale

I walked into Hollie's class for the first time on June 29, 1999 and never left. Having grown up in a Cuban home, Salsa music was always in my heart, but the technicality of Salsa dancing was not. While having dinner with friends at a well known Salsa hotspot I found myself wanting to move to the great live Salsa music, but there was no way I could do the steps the dancers were doing on the dance floor and I understood very little of the timing that all the dancers seemed to be on. Needless to say I did not dance that night and just watched in awe and amazement of those Salsa dancers. That night I decided to learn to dance Salsa.

When I first arrived with my wife for our first lesson at McCambridge Recreation Center in Burbank and saw that there were over thirty other people there of all ethnic backgrounds and that our Salsa teacher was Asian and not Latin, I did not expect much more than an introduction into someone's idea of Salsa dancing. Boy was I wrong!

Hollie took control of the class and began to introduce us not only to Salsa, but Merengue and Cha-Cha-Cha as well. What really impressed me was her knowledge of the dances and most of all the way she was able to break the steps down in easy to understand terms that all of us first timers understood. I left that night after the hour and fifteen minute class excited and feeling that I too could be one of those dancers that awed and amazed me at that Salsa hotspot.

Now five years later I'm still in Hollie's class. Usually I'm assisting her with her classes that continue to grow with many students returning session after session or recommending her class to their friends and family. That loyalty from her students is very important to her and is what drives her dedication to her students. She is always there to address their concerns, needs and expectations.

She has always encouraged me to not only become a better dancer, but also to learn how to listen, talk and teach. In the world of Salsa Instructors no one does it better than her. I have had the opportunity to learn from many other instructors over the last five years and always measure their teaching technique to hers. It is with great love, friendship and respect that I say. She is the best!

- Orlando Delgado, Burbank

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